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• New Movies Releasing in September 2017

Looking for the new movies releasing in September 2017? Check out 2017 September movies release and best new movies that come to theaters in September 2017.

• Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge: Better or Worse?

Is Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge what you expected to be? Come here to get its features, specs, and more.

• 2015 Upcoming Movies News

What new movies will be coming soon? This article will list some popular feature films released in 2015.

• How to Enjoy DRM-ed iTunes Video on TV with 5.1 Audio Track

This article will show you a tutorial on converting iTunes M4V movies and TV shows to plain formats for playing on HDTV with AC3 5.1 audio preserved.

• Best Way to Mirror iTunes Movies and TV Shows to TV with Chromecast

Is it possible to cast iTunes M4V videos to bigger HDTV with Google Chromecast? Tune4mac iTunes M4V Converter Platinum will tell you how to finish the task.

• How to Choose A Right Streaming Box for You?

Are you going to buy a new media streamer? This article will recommend 3 popular streaming boxes - Roku 3, Chromecast and Apple TV to you.

• Transfer Your iTunes Library to New iPhone 6/6 Plus?

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus with "bigger than bigger" displays come at last, the article will tell you why the two phones would be the best media players.

• Important Things You Need to Know About Yosemite

It will show something you need to know about new Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite.

• How to Stream iTunes Rental and Purchased Vidoes by Plex

“I'm new to Plex, and I already have movies I bought on iTunes, is there a way I can watch them with Plex?” This article will help you to make it with Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter Platinum.

• Steps to Transfer iTunes Movies for Enjoying on Sony Xperia Z2

Here is a tutorial on how to convert iTunes rented and purchased movies in .m4v format to common formats that supported by Sony Xperia Z2.

• Pros and Cons of Sony PS 4 and Microsoft Xbox One

All information about PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, including the unique pros and cons of each game console.

• Play Downloaded iTunes Movies on PlayStation 4

This article solves the problem "I was just wondering if anyone has ever downloaded movie from iTunes and has been able to play it on the PS4, how did you go about it".

• Best Way of Playing iTunes Movies on Roku

Own the new Roku, and wanna import your iTunes movies to Roku channel? This article shows you how to stream iTunes movies from Windows to play on Roku.

• Enjoy iTunes Rental Movie - Frozen with Your Kids

If your kiddy or little family member loves Disney movie-Frozen so much that wants to watch it anytime? This article will help you convert the iTunes rental movie Frozen for playing on your available devices.

• Is it Possible to Play iTunes Movies on Xbox One

Tutorail on how to transfer iTunes purchased and rental movies to play them on Xbox One.

• Convert iTunes M4V Purchases and rentals for playing on Samsung Galaxy S5

The article introduces how to watch iTunes M4V videos on the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 in four easy steps.

• Tips to Transfer iTunes Movies to Your Amazon Kindle Fire

An Introduction of Amazon Kindle Fire and the specific steps to remove DRM from iTunes M4V movies and convert to common formats for palyback on Kindle Fire.

• Import iTunes Media Files on Google Nexus 7 and Android Tablet

Have no idea on transferring all your iTunes audio&video files to Google Nexus 7 or other Android tablets? The article helps you out with 3-click on Windows or Mac.

• Play iTunes Movie with M4V Extension on My New iPad

It's about the tips to play your iTunes downloaded movies with M4V extension on iPad 3rd generation.

• What's the Difference: Final Cut Pro vs iMovie

Review of Apple video editing software, iMovie and Final Cut Pro to let you understand the differences between the two programs.

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