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Online User Guide of Tune4Mac DVD Converter Pro

Download Tune4mac DVD Converter Pro and install it on your Mac at first. Double Click the Mac DVD Converter Pro .dmg icon to launch this software.
Choose the correct version for your Mac:

Main window of Tune4Mac DVD Converter Pro

Tune4Mac DVD Converter Pro is an all-in-one and powerful tool for converting any video files to popular video formats with fast speed and excellent quality. The main window of Tune4Mac DVD Converter is as the following:

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Toolbar: With "AddFiles" "Remove" "Clear" buttons, you can add or remove or clear the video files to Tune4Mac DVD Converter Pro. With "Encoding" "StopEncoding" buttons, you can start or stop converting after you add video files to Tune4Mac DVD Converter Pro. If the buttons is disable, you should check if you had added video files to convert, or you have checked the files in the list.

List: After you added video files to Tune4Mac DVD Converter Pro, you can get the basic information of the files.

Profile: Display and change the parameters for the output video format. You can simply select a profile which description suitable for you device and click the "Encoding" button to get your needed files.

Preview: You can preview the added files

Library: With library, you can manage all the files you converted by Tune4Mac DVD Converter Pro, just double-click to explore all video files converted for iphone etc.

How Tune4Mac DVD Converter Pro works

1. Click the "AddFiles" button or drag and drop the files to Tune4Mac DVD Converter Pro

2. Select a profile for you target device from the description

3. Click the "Encoding" button or Encoding -> Start Encoding menu to convert videos

4. After converting finished, transfer the converted file(s) to target device. Enjoy now!

Settings of Tune4Mac DVD Converter Pro

1. Global Settings: Change Tune4Mac DVD Converter Pro's work directory, within subdirectories, you can find the converted video files, confirm whether recursive add files or directories, confirm to overwrite or auto rename the output video files, or confirm the log the converting info.

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1. General Settings Window

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2. Video Settings Window

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3. Audio Settings Window

tune4mac dvd converter

4. DVD Settings Window

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