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How to Stream iTunes Rental and Purchased Videos with Plex

“I have Apple TVs throughout the house already but I want to use Plex in my room off a Mac Mini. I want to keep everything in my iTunes library. Can I point Plex to watch the movies and TV show folder within the iTunes library folder? I do not want to use the iTunes channel to access iTunes content.

——Wouldn't this be a problem with DRM? From what I understand, if you bought or rented the movie from Apple, then Plex may not be able to access the movies. I know this is an issue with the ‘Digital Copy’ files.”

Tune4mac M4V Converter helps you to stream iTunes rental or purchased vidoes via Plex

As we know, Plex Media Center< Plex Home Theater> is a powerful media organizer which supports a wide arrange of streaming video, music and photos from personal media libraries to smarts TV, mobile devices, etc. This front-end media player not only provides users with access to cloud services, such as Box, Copy and Bitecasa, but also to an increasing number of community-driven plugins including YouTube, Netfilx and Vimeo. But the ointment of Plex software is that it is unable to support the playback of iTunes movies for DRM protections, just like above person mentioned.

Download DRM Media Converter for Mac Download DRM Media Converter for Windows

DRM Free

It is high time that getting an iTunes video converter to remove DRM from iTunes movies, and then you can stream all of them via Plex on your available media devices freely. Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter Platinum/iTunes M4V Converter Plus Windows is an amazing DRM remover, which allows Mac or Windows users to transfer purchased and rental iTunes videos in 20X speed but with lossless quality preserved, for which is a decrypter but not a recorder, so the fidelity of output video is same as the original one’s.


Tune4Mac iTunes Video Converter Enables You to Stream iTunes Movies with Plex

Mac OS users freely try Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter Platinum          Windows OS users freely try Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter Plus


Tutorial on how to use Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter to remove M4V DRM


iTunes Video Converter Pro. for Mac/Win is an unique DRM remover that supports the transferring both purchased and rental iTunes videos to normal video formats at present. With above simple 4 steps, no need to worry about how to stream iTunes videos to your Apple TVs, iPad mini and Android devices via Plex. Furthermore, you can keep every video rental or purchased in your iTunes library forever.

Then what? Try Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter Platinum now! To remove the conversion limitation of 1 minute free trial, please purchase the full version ( $69.95 $44.95).

iTunes Video Converter Platinum for Mac

iTunes Video Converter Plus for Windows

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