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Why Can't I Add Movies to My M4V Converter?

Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter accompany your life from the year of 2009, it takes many suggestions from kindly customers, after many update, our program have worked out the latest version which have reached a relative stabled version. It offers the best service for customers, wins the good credits from clients. We are highly appreciated your supporting for this years.

As a M4V Converter, Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter depends on the best function, which can convert iTunes M4V movies to most devices easily, obtained a good sale on. The platinum version accomplished the function of converting rental M4V movie. Customer might encounter some problems which all program might appear.

With the fast developing technology, Mac OS and iTunes also updated promptly, the appearance of unexpected problems always make user upset. In order to reduce this upset, this article will talk about one of the main situation which Tune4Mac iTunes Video Converter might come.

Excerpt of Customers email

C: customer   R: Replier

C: Why can’t I add movies to My Converter? Please help!!!

R: Would you please kindly advise us what is your OS? How about the Version of iTunes? Are you      using the latest version 2.4.0 of our program?

C: Mac OS: 10.7.3
     iTunes: 10.6
     I used version 2.3.6. I don’t know where to download the latest version. Does the latest version      could solve?

R: Our program sometimes appeared this problem on Mac 10.7.3, please download and install the latest      version 2.4.0. If this still couldn't’t add movies, please try to drag it to program manually.

C: I download the latest version. That works, thank you.

If you meet some question which can’t solve when use Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter (Platinum), please sent emails to support@tune4mac.com, we will try our best to help you.

Some Notes When You Send Email

1. Please make sure taking the information of the Mac OS, iTunes, our program included so that you can     make your issue settled as soon as possible.

2. You have better to send the screenshot of this error so that we can know well of your problem.

3. If your iTunes crashed, please send the iTunes Crashes Report and Program Log for us. You can go to      find Log in /Users/user name/Library/Application Support/Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter     /movie_convert.log

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