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tunr4mac support center

Tune4mac Support Center

Tune4mac software is dedicated to providing best products and service for all customers including the registered ones and non-registered ones. Your satisfaction is the big goal of ours. So you are welcome to ask any questions or report feedback to us.

Tune4mac mainly develops DRM remove tools including: iTunes Video Converter Platinum (Standard), M4P Converter, iTunes Audio Converter and so on. Both Mac and Windows versions are available.

Registration Code

Contact us to Retrive Registration Code if you are encountering one of the following situations:

1. The keycode of the product you purchased is lost.

2. You already purchased the program, but didn't receive the keycode.

3. The keycode you already had became invalid after one year since your purchase.

Note: Since September 28th 2016, Tune4Mac‘s products adopt a new registration mechanism in the latest version. New users who purchased Tune4Mac iTunes Video Converter (Platinum) are required to register the program with Email address and registration code. For old users, it's still available to register with registration name and registration code.

Technical Support

If you're experiencing any problems or difficulties using our products, please get help via the following approaches:
FAQs : Check the answer for most asked questions. (order, payment, registration, update, license issues
iTunes M4V Converter FAQs : Check the answer for iTunes Video Converter Platinum for Mac/Windows.
iTunes M4P Converter FAQs : Check the answer for iTunes M4P Converter for Mac/Windows.
Contact Us : If you can not find answer in the FAQs, please don't be hesitated to contact us via e-mail.

>> Fail to open Tune4mac programs after upgrading to iTunes 12.2 or later version? please visit this page for solution.

Tune4mac Refund Policy

Tune4mac refund policy provides users a better understanding of refund issues after purchasing our products.

View Tune4mac Refund Policy