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FAQ on Tune4mac M4P Converter

Q1. How to register Tune4mac M4P Converter for Mac/Windows with registration code?

For Mac users: Install the trial version of Tune4mac M4P Convereter on your Mac. Then launch the softwar and click the menu bar "Tune4mac M4P Converter> Registration...", there will be a registration popup dialog. You may input the User ID and Registration Key manually.

For Windows users: Install the trial version of on your PC. Then launch Noteburner, click More > Enter Licence Code", there will be a registration popup dialog.

Note: The User ID is case sensitive. Please do not add blank at the beginning or the end of the word. You can also copy and paste the User ID and Register Key into the registration popup dialog.

Q2. What can I do if the program shows Registration Code Invalid?

First you may check if you have downloaded the incorrect program. And please note that only English characters can be used in the registration name, so if your registration name includes other characters, please contact us for receiving a new license.

Q3. How can I set Tune4mac as the default burner?

If you use the latest iTunes 12, when you proceed to burn the playlist, you will be prompted to choose CD Burner. You should choose Tune4mac/Tune4win Virtual_CD_RW as CD Burner, and then click the Burn button to start converting.

If you use RealPlayer, please to through this path "Tools > Preferences > CD > CD Burner", and choose Tune4mac/Tune4win Virtual_CD-RW as current Burner/Device.

If you use Windows Media Player, click the Burn button, and choose CD Drive(G:) - Audio CD as the burner.

Q4. Why can't I find Tune4mac/Tune4win Virtual CD-RW in my computer?

If you can't find the virtual CD-RW in media player (iTunes, WMP, or Realplayer), please go to this directory on your computer: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers

Find the sptd.sys file, delete this file, and then reboot your computer. When you resume to the settings, you should find the Virtual CD-RW.

Q5. How to solve the "itunes cd drive missing" problem?

Renaming the afs.sys driver file in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers directory to afs.txt and rebooting the system. After the reboot the CD/DVD drives should re-appear in Windows Explorer and Apple iTunes.

Q6. Why does Tune4mac M4P Converter for Mac/Windows cut all songs to 3-minute length?

We offer free trial for all users to experience Tune4mac M4P Converterbefore they buy the program. The free trial version has 3-minute limit on converted files. That's why your songs are cut short to 3-minute length.

To get its full function, you can buy Tune4mac M4P Converter now at only $14.95(Mac) $14.95(Windows) .

Q7. I have already purchased and registered Tune4mac. Why does it still have 3-minute limit?

Please make sure you have registered the program. If the error continues, it is suggested to restart the program or reboot your computer after registration to activate the full version.

And if you converted some files before the registration, which are cut short to 3-minute length, please clear all these converted files, and then start converting over again.