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Spotify Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Spotify

Spotify is one of the best digital music streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts and videos from artists all over the world.

Spotify is immediately appealing because you can access content for free by simply signing up using an email address or by connecting with Facebook. If you're not keen on monthly subscription fees for Spotify Premium, or just want to dip your toe in and test it out, it's easy to get started and there's no commitment.

Spotify pros and cons

How does Spotify work?

1. You can use Spotify Application on your PC / phone or visit the Spotify official website and sign-up. You can sign up with Facebook or personal Email address.

2. You can listen to Spotify music for free with ads. You can also subscribe Spotify Premium account as it gives you access to more features.

3. Spotify Free users can listen to many music online. And Premium users can stream music to your mobile devices for playing offline.

Spotify Pros and Cons

We are going to list the pros of Spotify first.

Huge Music Storage is available. Spotify's free and paying users both had access to the same library of "more than 40 million songs."

Spotify provides various subscription services. Spotify offers free and paid membership. Logically, with Spotify free, you aren't allowed to enjoy many features that Premium account offers. However, with Free account, you can listen to the music you love on the go, create your own playlists, discover new music, share the music and the playlists with your friends, and more. But, if you choose to subscribe to Spotify Premium, you get to enjoy the full Spotify experience.

Support many popular devices. You can listen to Spotify pretty much everywhere. That includes your PC, smartphone, connected devices, PS3 or PS4, Smart TVs or any car equipped with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. In this regard, it doesn't matter if you pay for Premium, as Free users connect to all of the same devices.

Simple To Use. When it comes to Spotify, everything is so simple. You will easily find all the things you need, organize your playlists, explore new music, listen to the radio, and more. Exploring all its features and things it offers is quite an enjoyment.

Spotify Advantages and Disadvantages

There are some cons of Spotify. Let's see what it is.

Dark mode is the only theme for all apps and web access.

Spotify Free has its limitations. With a Free account, you'll hear ads between tracks. What was worse, you can't stream specific songs on demand, and you're only able to skip a track 6 times per hour. Sometimes you'll hear a mix of similar tracks from other artists to what you're playing.

Very limited access to song lyrics. Many of us love reading the lyrics when listening to the music. Spotify had its own lyrics feature, but they decided to remove it. You can use Genius' Behind the Lyrics if you want to know the meaning of the lyrics, and you can also use SoundHound to read see the lyrics of your favorite songs.

You can't own the songs even with Spotify Premium. With Spotify Premium, you can stream music and listen to them without an internet connection. However, you can't download the music and play them without Spotify. Let alone share them with your friends as you like.


These are the advantages and disadvantages of Spotify. It has many perks, which is the main reason why millions of people enjoy using it.

If you want to download Spotify Music completely, you can go to try Spotify Audio Converter. It can allow you to download Spotify songs and playlists to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, ALAC and AIFF without Spotify Premium account.

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